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In almost all of our projects we rely on a lightweight architecture in the Java Enterprise environment and are using in many projects the Springframework and its subprojects like Spring Batch or Spring Webflow. Already this spring we did talk on the JAX with SpringSource about a possible partnership and announced this now officially.

The combination of our Java EE expertise in the areas of performance, architecture and open source and the product portfolio of SpringSource was considered as the optimal solution for our customers. It is the support for production and development, the excellent Core Spring Training and Enterprise version of Spring, with monitoring functions (on the basis of Hyperic), Eclipse based IDE and Oracle extended support that bring Spring up to a new level for business enterprise applications.

The SpringSource Application Platform will be interesting for clients, as it brings the lightweight architecture of Spring and Tomcat with the advantages of OSGi for application development and combines them to new opportunities for the operation and development.

This new platform Eberhard Wolff presented to us during one of our Friday meetings. We do work ourselves with OSGi and the possibilities in application development and deployment solution for services within a SOA and Eugen also writes his diploma thesis on this issue. The lecture was therefore particularly well percieved by our team and various challenges and solutions with OSGi and Spring Application Platform have been discussed.

Post by Mirko Novakovic


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