Codecentric Presents Scrum for Virtual Teams at JUG Cologne

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JUG Cologne LogoThe JUG Cologne invited me to one of their regular meetings. On August, 11th I will present the experiences I made as Spec-Lead for Java Specification Request 264, which is the Order Management API, when introducing Scrum to the expert group. After a general introduction to Scrum, I will cover the needs that drove the decision to try Scrum on a virtual, globally distributed team as well as the solutions the team developed to cope with issues like time zone differences, varying team member availability, or online scrum tooling. Also some analysis will be shown if the new way of working had any effect on the group dynamics.

Participating in a Java User Group will be a ‘first-timer’ for me, except for having a few drinks with the NL JUG after my BOF with Gero Vermaas at JavaOne 2007, so I’m very much looking forward to the discussions we will have that evening and would like to invite everybody to join. If not for my Scrum talk, then for the Google Web Toolkit presentation by Patrick Chanezon from Google that will be really interesting.


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