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TheServerSide is one of the big conferences in Java server technologies. Also in this year codecentric is on site to take away the newest technology trends. The conference, as in last year, takes place at the Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) – a very impressive City.

The technologies presented in the sessions are not as spectecular as expected and don’t show much new things. Most of it is well known and was shown on most previous conferences. Further on trends are scripting (Groovy, JavaScript inclusive GWT or JSON), cloud computing and SOA. For example Spring 3.0 is not very revolutionary. The most new features are part of the Spring-MVC project and not the Spring core. The bigger new feature is the posibility to configure the application programaticaly with new annotations like @Configuration and @Bean. For details see the blog of Jürgen Höller

The news that IBM is planning to buy Sun impressed Rod Johnson (SpringSource) to include this in his keynode. On his opinion such an acquisition would not have any influences on the Java technology world.

Furthermore he presented his theory that software complexity goes along with the economy. Also as the length of women’s skits goes along with economy. The more critical the economy is, the shorter the skirts are. Cite: “… I don’t think this actual recession is real, when I look across the streets of Las Vegas …”. The actual recession is a positive state for open source software. Open source is simpler and cheaper than poprietary software and should be the choose of today. Further on he sayed, that the traditional application server is going to die, because the trends are simplification of structures and configuration. Simpler servers as tomcat will get more popular, while it is popular anyway.

To burn down complexity is the moment of truth …


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