Neal Ford at RheinJUG: Emergent Design & Evolutionary Architecture

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Back after having a great evening at todays RheinJUG talk held by Neal Ford. It was almost a perfect fit for our upcoming Meet the Experts – Architecture. Because Neal has the slides on his github, I just want to briefly summarize my personal takeaways.

  1. Neal confirms our credo here at codecentric: The code is the real deal. Code is design, code is architecture. Everything non-code (including comments) is not important because it is not part of the plan that the compiler converts into our product. Its also the idea behind executable specifications, Thomas wrote about a few days back. He also stated the importance of cleaning up code and fixing “broken windows”. Because code should get stronger over time… and not weaker.
  2. Neal presented architecture as basically the same as design, but architecture is more persistent and unlikely to change, while design adopts to the business problem that changes more frequently.
  3. He classifies two kinds of complexity. There is inherent complexity of a problem. This is actually the complexity we have to master to solve the problem. But we introduce accidental complexity by using or creating overly generic solutions. Accidental complexity can be fought by either preventing decisions made too early, and choosing simpler solutions first, because you can get more complex easily, but the way back is almost impossible.

There are a lot more ideas in his talk, most of them I can agree to. And because Neals presentation skills are so advanced I could have listened to him much longer 🙂

In case you did also attend, what did you take away from it?

PS: Pac Man will never be anymore as it used to 🙂


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