Devoxx 2009 – iCalendar files for Outlook and more

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codecentric will be back at Devoxx this year, from November 18-20 2009, in Antwerp, Belgium. We will be visiting the conference with 8 colleagues and it will be my first time.

I’m really looking forward to this event so I started planning the sessions i’d like to visit.

Andreas had a great idea with his blog entry and his iCalendar files for the Agile09. So i took his idea and created some iCalendar files which can be imported in many calendar tools like iCal or Outlook. For that I wrote a small Java-Application. The data is obtained from the Devoxx Website using Selenium-Remote-Control. If anyone is interested in the source code, take this link. Feel free to extend the logic. Maybe you can use the comments to share your changes.

I hope these files will help you to find your way through the days. Please check back periodically for recent updates of the time table.

You can find the iCalendar-Files here.



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