Viking Laws §1 Be brave and aggressive

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From my last vacation in Norway I have brought a postcard with the reputed “Viking Laws”. I have posted it on my monitor to be remembered. 🙂

Viking Laws

These days I concentrate myself on learning about agility and I recognized a lot of similarities between agility and the Vikings Law.

Has it been their secret of being able to reach America a long time before Columbus? Let` s have a look…

Each Viking law has several bullet points, and there are some of them:

  • “Be versatile and agile”
    Even if you are an Developer and as the most of them not really athletic, at least intellectual, you have to be versatile and agile 🙂
  • “Don’t plan everything in detail”
    Isn’t that what we can find in User Stories and incremental development?
  • “Attack one target at a time”
    One task after another, maybe they have had Burndown- Charts in the past (Probably they had more Burndown-Villages)?
  • “Be Direct”
    Also Vikings knew to appreciate the direct contact to their customers, even without their cooperation…

These are not all bullet points of the first law, but I think that it will be enough for my first blog post.

Maybe, these hidden agility was one of the reason for the success of the vikings? In future posts we will find more evidences for this theory.

P.S. Preikestolen (N58 59.183 E6 11.322), really beautiful place and a good chance to pop the question 😉


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