Viking Laws §4 Keep the camp in order

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This is the last post of the fourth-part travel (§1, §2, §3) about the Viking-Laws.

The title of the fourth law is one of the reasons why I have posted it on my monitor. 🙂

There are some interesting bullet points of it and they could be useful not only for developers:

  • “Keep things tidy and organized”
    Some developers might be creative but sometimes chaotic… According to my opinion the most of them are just lazy to be organized :-). I can imagine, for Vikings it was very important to keep the weapons handy. Today, nobody has to defend his or her life at work, physically. (I hope so)
  • “Arrange enjoyable activities which streng then the group”
    Chiefs, Scrum Master, and so on… think about the people who are sprinting for you. Nobody is able to do this all the time. It is important to have time to get relaxed. I support this bullet point completely. 🙂
    Although it would be interesting for me to know, what the Vikings had concerned under “enjoyable activities”.
  • “Make sure everybody does useful work”
    Agile Software Development permits to costumer to get the most valuable Benefit by setting the priorities.
  • “Consult all memebrs of the group for advice”
    Were also the Vikings doing the Stand Up- Meetings in the past?
    In this last bullet point we can see the scrum task: daily meeting on the one side, but also one part of Retrospective on the another side. A good advice you don’t take, that is ironic. ( look at Alanis Morissette)

I want to say thanks to all of you, who had invested your time to read my post. I can`t guarantee, that these Laws are real, nor my Interpretation is correct.

But I had a lot of fun writing my first posts!

P.S. Dalsnibba (N62 02.935 E7 16.173), a view above the roof of the world.


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