Viking Laws §2 Be Prepared

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Here is the second article about the Norwegian postcard describing the second Vikings law. Here you find the first one.

The second law of Vikings is called “be prepared” and it is not such obvious in his bullet points about the agility as the first one. Nevertheless it also implies the non refutable evidences of the agility.

  • “Keep in shape”
    If someone wants to be agile in any Form, he has to keep himself fit: just like the Vikings were physically fit, one Developer should keep himself mentally fit 😉
  • “Keep weapons in good condition”
    Dear Chiefs,
    I would like to write you an old wisdom, which meaning is still current:
    “Only a Development, which is based on the newest Equipment, is getting in Progress.”
    (I hope, that my Chief is reading this.:-))
  • “Find good battle comrades”
    Team, what else… “A team is more than the sum of his members.” The feeling of the collective responsibility is achievable having colleagues around you whom can you trust.
  • “Agree on important points”
    Vikings were not making a charge in different directions. In the same way should everyone in team be able to go in one direction (east or west, north or south, or something like that…) to achieve a collective goal. Isn’t that the definition of done?
  • “Choose one chief”
    Hm… if you transfer this law on Scrum, then it is probably not so clear, who the chief is: Is it then the Product Owner or the Scrum Master or…?Please feel free to comment this!

I hope that I made you a little bit closer to the Norwegian culture by posting the Vikings Law. 🙂

P.S. Runde (N62 24.246 E5 37.403), a wonderful island with puffins (high WAF) and a really good camping place


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