codecentric Crew visiting #Devoxx 2009

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As every year, codecentric Developers are attending the Devoxx. Devoxx in Antwerp is among the top conferences for Java in Europe, known for its hand picked Speakers and excellent topics. No surprise that the depicted 7 gents in codecentric Shirts did not want to miss this conference.


Already during the fist keynote, #devoxx grew to a trending topic on twitter. Partially due to the still working wifi, which is withstanding the enormous activity quite well.

Antwerp and the Devoxx crew offer a great sideshow as well. We have our traditional steak dinner, Belgium beer and the sponsored 2012 movie here at the Metropolis cinema, where also all the sessions and the exhibition take place.

I am pretty sure we will have one or another post on interesting sessions or topics as well.



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