Meet The Experts Architecture – Open Space: Managing the JAR Chaos

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mte-architektur-jar-openspaceThis post shall sum up the results from our fruitful discussion on friday evenig. The idea for the open space discussion was sparked by Stefan Zörner who talked about modularity and what happens when you have no control over modularity. This post will not try to repeat the discussion but merely conserve the results:

  • OSGi is a great module concept that is missing in pure Java. It is somewhat sad that the average enterprise developer will not be able to use it for a while. The main problem seems to be the migration and interoperability of existing non OSGi code, and the changed runtime environment, which is new for the standard operations department.
  • You shall make many small modules for your own software. There is a benefit in having them although it cost slightly more work to manage them (for example in eclipse).
  • It is mandatory to have somebody watching over external dependencies.
  • Many third party dependencies cause various troubles: Classloading, legal, filesize, deployment time, runtime memory
  • Maven or Ivy do not solve the problem but they help a lot
  • Evaluate the usage of third party code on a regular basis. Consider removing dependencies that are only used for very few code

Thanks to all attendees. Over twenty people joining the discussion shows that there is a need for good ideas.


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