Viking Laws §3 Be a good merchant

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This is the next to last (§1, §2) of my posts about the Viking Law.

Vikings were not plundering all the time, despite Hägar had suggested something like this. They were also merchants and such being the case they have had some important principles.

  • “Find out what the market needs”
    According to my opinion this is exactly the way agility follows. User Stories can better describe people belongings than any documentation which was written before developing started.
  • “Don’t promise what you can’t keep”
    “Over-Commitment”! A Problem since centuries :-).
  • “Don’t demand overpayment”
    Having an axe in your Hand it could be very easy to get overpay…
  • “Arrange things so that you can return”
    It reminds me on the BurnDown–Villages…
    Agile Software gives a better chance for one successful project than old school models 😉

Looking over all these Viking Laws I notice that they are not only important for development. Also some salesman and distributor could learn from the Vikings.

P.S. Briksdalsbreen (N61 39.704 E6 52.426), glacier tongue from the biggest glacier at european continent


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