A Retrospective on 2009

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2009 has passed a few days by now, so I think it would be appropriate to look back on what has happened last year. Just recently I said to somebody: “Well I am with codecentric for only a year and a half so far”, but in fact we did quite a lot in 2009. So there is a lot to look back. Like the 85 blogposts published. And there is a lot to look forward to. I am very proud of our achievements and our spirit.


2009 was kicked off by moving to our beautiful premises at the old courthouse in Solingen Ohligs. We left behind the old offices in the Gründer und Technologiezentrum where codecentric dwelt well for 4 years.


Our partner dynatrace awarded us with the “Partner of the Year” award for our strong relationship and making most dynatrace sales. Partnership with dynatrace has always been of great importance for both parties. Also during February our team “Dr. codecentric und seine kranken Pfleger” missed the finals of the German Board Game Championship by just one position. We try better this year 🙂


Dr. Heinz Kabutz offers his excellent Java Specialist Master course in Germany exlusively on the codecentric webpage.


Our first “Meet The Experts” took place. The topic “Performance” is strongly tied to the roots of codecentric and presented by first class experts. The success of the event was overwhelming proving our ideas more than correct. Its really great to have experts in talking range, rather than on just listening to them as you can do on big conferences. Meet the Experts was continued with “Agility” and “Architecture” events and will be continued 2010.


codecentric coding night” was the name of our experiment. Many codecentricer camped at the office for the weekend and produced a time tracking system using Spring Web MVC as technology and a lightweight Scrum as process. On Sunday afternoon, when the experiment ended, we knew that we learned a lot on technology and process, but unforunately did not finish our product as planned. But we will for sure start another coding night soon… perhaps using Grails?


codecentric won the annual Start Award for being the most successful startup. Fantastic! There was a camera team in our offices a few weeks before the final round, and they produced a nice promotional clip that I would like to share with you.

Have a happy and successful year 2010!


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