codecentric playing at german board game championship

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“Dr. codecentric und seine kranken Pfleger”, (codecentric, M.D. and his sick attendants) the codecentric board game team, Andreas Ebbert-Karroum, Torsten Rodemann, Marc Clemens and Fabian Lange (left to right) competed in Dinslakenhighly motivated for the qualification for the national board game championship this Saturday. After having been quite successful last year at our first attempt, our expectations were high, despite the lack of proper training.

Every player had to play one round of each of the games: Agricola, a pretty complex strategy game, Stoneage, a round based resource gathering game, Dominion, an interesting card game, in which players compile a custom card deck according to the available cards and their strategy, and Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck, a pretty simple dice-rolling game, which trains you calculating probabilities.

  • First round of the Tournament, sporting Dominion went really well for our Team. 2 first places and a second one were great. Only one game was lost due to the high amount of curses played by witches.
  • Agricola strained our nerves for over two hours. It was pretty intense, and we were unable to oppose our co-players, who were well prepared. We tried both, the farmer and rancher strategy, but only achieved a second, 2 third and a fourth place.
  • After a short snack-break, we had some relaxing dice rolling activities with Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck. But it seems gambling is not our profession. 3 times a fourth place was really sub-par. The other third place could not compensate those losses.
  • Last game of the day was Stoneage. 3 of us tried the “starvation” strategy, which was working fairly well, but only brought us 2 third and a fourth place. The one victory was done with some more mainstream farming and building strategy. Overheard discussions tought us that most players already have overcome “starvation” and came up with something better.

Despite the not very successful results, we had a fun day! And lots of motivation for the coming year. Perhaps we should then run a board game training bootcamp? 🙂


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