Top 10 April Fool’s Jokes 2010

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Here’s our list of the best april fool’s jokes 2010:

Platz 10: Google / Schufa – When you ego google, you can now see your (German) credit score.

Platz 9: NetBeans – Similar to the new Photoshop feature, there’s now a “content aware fill” in the latest nightly build of the NetBeans IDE.

Platz 8: Twitter – The new service “Twitter Voice” lets you talk for 14,0 seconds and makes all your “Listeners” listening to you.

Platz 7: PMI – The Project Management Institute ( is going out of business. Project management is obsolete with Agile.

Platz 6: Polarion – Extreme Integration: No more commits; branches and merge conflicts are history. Everybody is working on the same codebase that is automatically and continuously compiled and tested.

Platz 5: Oracle – Java 8 is cutting some dead wood. Everything deprecated, especially classes like java.util.Date, finally have to go.

Platz 4: Foursquare – Consultants can now generate and send invoices based on their checkins to customer premises. Lunch breaks are factored out, of course, when you checkin at the canteen.

Platz 3: Eclipse Foundation – Finally there’s a fully working integration of Maven. Unfortunately you still have to install the Subversion plugin manually.

Platz 2: W3C – HTML 5 will get retouched: BLINK and MARQUEE are added again.

Platz 1: Apple – The rumours are true, Bing will replace Google as default search engine in Safari on all platforms.


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