A Different Take on Sprint Retrospectives

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There are many ways to do a good sprint retrospective, so we decided to try a new one every now and then.
This time we took the role of a painter, painting out impression of the last sprint into a formidable piece of art.
It might look strange at the beginning, but it quite nicely captures the impressions and feelings about the last iteration and provokes different thoughts than a simple list of items which could be improved. Lets see if we will use this method some time again.
As an example I am going to present you my painting. The ones from my team mates are interesting as well, but I would not dare to show them without permission 🙂

You can see the long way to our goal. But we are close to it. You can see that I would like to get a reward for the fantastic sprints we did, so I painted a little cake right after the finish line.
Below the path leading to the finish, I depicted our architecture and the actual goal of the project. I really like how well the architecture evolves and works our for us, and also like that our customers start to realize that their confusion was not necessary and they can realize their ideas wit it.
At the top left, there is a bad test stability. It really can be improved and we actually started already addressing this. Right below that you can see our burndown for that iteration, which is not bad, but should have run below the line instead above it.
It seems that I was as well pretty pleased with the amount of features we did create and the value (meaning money) it can generate for our customers. last but not least I draw the great sprint demo we did for our customers the day before.

So how do you like my picture (or doing this kind of retrospective at all)?


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