Web Performance Conference Velocity Europe in Berlin

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On November 8th and 9th, the first Velocity Europe conference took place in Berlin. About 500 people from the Web Performance and Operations Community came together to share their experience about creating and operating web sites that are really fast. Because “being fast” drives the codecentric performance solutions group, we of course attended as well. Our partner AppDynamics was so kind to co-host us in their booth.

There were plenty of interesting discussion and sessions. While I found most of the Web Performance track sessions to be a browser vendor competition, the Operations and Culture track clearly provided a lot of useful insights. The only session I did not understand was the rant-fest by Arthur Bergman. But I could read from the reactions of Steve Souders, who was hosting the conference, that he did not understand it as well 🙂

I head the pleasure to meet Tobias Baldauf, who is bootstrapping a web performancce optimization user group in cologne. Of course I will attend the very first meeting taking place on Friday, 2nd of December. One day before the global CodeRetreatDay, Kurt Häusler organizes in Cologne. codecentric is sponsoring that day, so we are looking foward to meet you on either of those dates.

We are happy to see the importance ob web performance grow and are proud to be a part of such a great community.


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