Scalability, fault tolerance and emergent architecture

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You might ask yourself how emergent architecture is related to scalability and fault tolerance. To be honest: Not at all. With this short blog post I just want to give you a pointer to a few recent presentations I finally managed to upload to Slideshare.

First of all there is a new presentation about fault tolerance patterns in the context of scale-out solutions:

A few days ago I also uploaded a related presentation about high-scalability patterns:

And finally I would like to mention a presentation about the opportunities and limitations of emergent architecture, I also uploaded a few days ago:

As always, the “audio track” is missing but I tried to design the slides in such a way that they are not completely useless without the audio.

And also as always, I am interested in your opinion and feedback. Thus, if you have any comment about the slides, just let me know …


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