My Top 10 shortcuts for Eclipse on Mac OS X and Windows … and how you survive the change from Windows to Mac


This blog article doesn’t show you only my Top 10 shortcuts using the Eclipse IDE. It gives you also some tipps and tricks how to survive the change from Windows to Mac OS and start developing with Eclipse. I defininitely would recommend you to learn the Eclipse Mac shortcuts. But lets start with my Top 10 (Note: In my list you will find the shortcuts for Mac and Windows) Maybe it helps you to learn it faster.

TopDescriptionShortcut MacShortcut Windows/Linux
1Auto completeCTRL – SPACECTRL – SPACE
2Open / Search for resources, e.g. filesCMD – SHIFT-RCTRL – SHIFT-R
3Open / Search for TypesCMD – SHIFT – TCTRL – SHIFT – T
4Open class outline viewCMD – OCTRL – O
5Quickfix – result depending on cursor positionCMD – 1CTRL – 1
6Search for references in the workspaceCMD-SHIFT-GCTRL-SHIFT-G
7Show type hierarchyCMD-TCTRL-T
8Maximize Java editorCMD-MCTRL-M
9Delete lineCMD – D – RCTRL – D – R
10Move line/blockALT – ↑ or ↓ALT – ↑ or ↓

So you see that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. When you switch from Windows/Linux to Mac than you have to replace the CTRL-Key with the CMD-Key in most cases.

For the physiotherapists of you – the command key is located better than the Ctrl-Key and causes less stress for your hand.

From my point of view I can say that I must switch between Linux, Windows and Mac a few times during a week and I have no problems to remember the shortctus. Maybe the Mac-part is saved in another part of my brain 🙂

One more thing
Maybe you missed something – I didn’t mention the shortcuts for formatting the code and to organize the import statements. Please, be nice to your colleagues and use “Save Actions”! And some other people may miss the “Execute Test”-shortcut. I use Infinitest and do automated builds on Jenkins 😉

What are your favourite shortcuts in eclipse?


  • Fadi (itoctopus)

    It’s funny cause I always though Apple’s keyboard was more complicated than a Windows keyboard – which can also be said about Apple’s mice vs. Windows’ mice.

    Maybe it’s because I’ve never owned a mac in my life!

  • Daniel Schneller

    The most universal Eclipse shortcut that many developers don’t know even after years of using Eclipse is Ctrl-3 (Cmd-3) which opens a quick access popup that provides a text search for each and every Eclipse menu or toolbar command, perspectives, views and everything else. If you can’t remember many shortcuts, at least spare one of your brain slots for this one.

  • Chris M

    17. August 2012 von Chris M

    I like Alt-Shift Up/Down to progressively select more or less of the code at your current location. Alt-Shift X, T to run JUnit tests. Ctrl-Shift-O to organise imports and Ctrl-Shift-F to format your code. Last 3 also work on a package/project level.

  • Martin

    10. April 2013 von Martin

    Shortcut 9 (deleting a line). Why do you need “ctrl + D + R”? ctrl + d is all you need to press…

  • David

    9. April 2014 von David

    Mac organize imports is command + shift + O

  • John

    In Window->Preferences->Java->Editor->Content Assist

    Change the . to .abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

    and you will never need CTRL-SPACE again. Eclipse will behave like VS and autopopulate potential solutions as you type.

  • siva K



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