ForkJoinPool vs. ThreadPoolExecutor


Recently, an article of mine appeared on the German site Heise Developer, and today the English translation was published on The H Developer. The article gives an introduction to the Java 7 ForkJoinPool and explains for which application scenarios it is particularly appealing. The article then picks two relevant scenarios from practice (map/reduce and actor scheduling) and compares the performance of the ForkJoinPool to the classic ThreadPoolExecutor. Happy reading!


  • Lukasz

    11. May 2014 von Lukasz

    Could You post/attach English version of this article? Unfortunately only first page on given website is available (

  • Patrick Peschlow

    Thanks for notifying me, In fact I didn’t know that The H Developer is shutting down. Unfortunately, my hands are tied as they did the translation of my original German article, and The H Developer was the only place where it was available to me as well. I sent them an e-mail asking whether they are going to fix the broken page navigation. They mention an archive going to be created, so hopefully the full articles will be available again once this has been done. I will keep you updated as soon as I know more.

    • Patrick Peschlow

      It’s been a while but this morning I surprisingly found a PDF of an initial translation of the article which I received for reviewing back then. So Lukasz if you are still interested let me know and we’ll find a way for you to get your hands on it.


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