What is Lean Coffee?

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For starters ask yourself these questions:
• Have you ever visited a user groups meeting with topics simply being not interesting or not important to you?
• Have you ever participated in discussions that were dominated by one or two people?
• Have you ever been part of discussions that took significantly more time than you personally thought it was worth?

If you answered at least one question with “Yes”, then meetings using the Lean Coffee format could be your solution to the old and well-known problem of how to get the most of meetings within a limited time frame while focusing on the important issues.

In general, a Lean Coffee meeting is one of the “agenda-less” or “Agenda is defined by the participants” type of meetings.

It is based on the following simple ideas:
• Topics should come from participants
• They should be important
• Facilitation helps

Well, does this ring a bell and does it sound similar to Open Space meetings? You are right! But there are a couple of differences to Lean Coffee meetings:
• There are no different tracks or parallel topic discussions
• Topics discussions are controlled by time-boxes
• There is no need to create action plans at the end of the meeting (resulting in better suitability for exchanging experiences)

A typical Lean Coffee meeting could look like that…

Well, so much for theory, how about you would like to experience the Lean Coffee format? And additionally you have an interest in agile methodologies and would like to exchange your experiences with other experts in a friendly environment and learn from their experiences as well?

If so, why don’t you join us for the Agile Stammtisch being held every second Thursday of the month in Frankfurt?

Our next Stammtisch #2 will be on 11. Juli 2013 at Die Zentrale, Berger Strasse 175, 60385 Frankfurt. More details can be found in our event at XING.

And, last but not least – of course you are not required to drink only coffee during such a meeting, other drinks like beer, Pils, Alt, Kölsch, Äppelwoi, Cider or even just a Schorle are totally fine!


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