JBehave JUnit Runner release 1.1.2 and future development

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The JBehave JUnit Runner is one of codecentric’s open source projects. It provides an easy way to execute JBehave stories using a custom JUnit runner. On friday, 27th of July, we published a bugfix release (v1.1.2) and we’re already planning the next minor version (v1.2.0). Release v1.1.2 can be used as a drop in replacement for the previous minor release 1.1.0 and we encourage users to upgrade.

In 1.1.2, we integrated some PRs that should improve the support for IntelliJ users (#51). Beside that we implemented a new runner that was supposed to integrate the JBehave JUnit Runner with the dependency injection capabilities of the Spring Framework (see #47). However during the review of v1.1.1 we realized that our implementation had some draw backs. For this reason we reverted the feature in commit a7bcc192e9.

Next stop: 1.2.0

We will use the next minor release to work a bit on the project structure. For example we want to separate the example stories from the actual test code (#54). Since the README.markdown has become a bit overloaded with information we want to create a github page as a new host for documentation about the JBehave JUnit Runner (#57).

Last but not least we want to improve the support for using Spring. The fundamental problem here is, that both Spring and the JBehave JUnit Runner provide a JUnit Runner to enhance test execution. Since only one runner can be declared at once, the user has to chose which one to use. Luckily the guys from Spring a planning to provide a JUnit test rule that can be used for injecting members into test cases. Until then we’re planning to document an easy way (#62) to inject members into a JBehave test without using the SpringJUnit4ClassRunner.

These are just a few of the things we’re planning for the JBehave JUnit Runner. We hope you like this library. Feel free to suggest improvements or create PRs via github.

Benedikt Ritter worked as a Software Crafter at codecentric AG in Solingen 2013-2018. His joy for creating reliable software is not limited to coding at work: Benedikt is member of the Apache Software Foundation and Committer for the Apache Commons project.


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