Spring Batch Admin – Spring Boot


On 2014-07-23, Spring has published a new release version (1.3.0.RELEASE) of Spring Batch Admin. This version is now compatible with the newest Spring Batch Version 3.x that is also the first Spring Batch implementation of the new batch standard JSR-352. This application can be build as Spring Boot application with few steps to run on his own JVM, without running a complete, standalone servlet container, like i.e. tomcat.

The steps that must have been done:

  1. Tie together all necessary libraries (Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Batch Admin, Spring Batch)
  2. Create main method with Spring Boot
  3. Define properties for Spring Boot
  4. Define properties for metadata database
  5. Override some beans that are incompatible with Spring Boot
  6. Load Spring Batch Admin application context

I have implemented those steps in a project published on github. Details can be found there. Feel free to use it.



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