The Product Menu – A New Way to Organize Your Product Backlog

For over a year, I am now proud Product Owner of CenterDevice. And all this timeĀ I felt bad about myself, how I managed to keep my product backlog in shape. Or rather, how I failed in doing so. Three weeks ago I decided, that it’s not me to blame, but the approach I took. So this is what I changed. (read more…)

Andreas Ebbert-Karroum

Second generation Agile Engineering Practices

The world does not stay still. After the successes of Agile Methods at the end of 90th and start of 2000 their application has grown dramatically. Also their areas of applicability have extended far beyond initial sweet spots.

One of additions is the usage of agile practices to working with databases. This concerns work on automating DB schemas changes and on testing and refactoring databases.

Domain Modeling

FDD Approach to building domain models has found its further expression in Domain Driven Design (a.k.a. DDD). Although one cannot state that DDD is a direct successor of FDD Color Modeling/Streamlined object modeling approach, but Streamlined Object Modeling is widely recognized and highly regarded in DDD community.

Unit and Acceptance Testing

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Serhiy Yevtushenko

A Cultural Divide – Why The Hell Are We So Stubborn?

“The only thing that is constant is change.”
– Heraclitus

Bonfire of the Vanities

Over the last few months, there have been quite a few clamorous controversies in the global programming community, driven by diametrically opposing views on fundamental principles, often becoming very emotional, even aggressive over time. Here’s a couple:

In all these cases, both sides of the discussion accuse the other of being wrong, having no tolerance for different opinions, causing harm to the community, etc. etc. Both have the best intentions, obviously, and both are eager to point out that it’s all about cost and benefits.
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Tobias Goeschel