Selenium WebDriver for Safari 8

This is just a short note on how to get the Selenium WebDiver installed and running for the browser Safari (ver. 8) under Mac OS 10.10 “Yosemite”. It isn’t that easy to find the solution on the internet.

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Stephan Kepser

Robot Framework – Compact Sheet

Robot Framework Tutorial

Part I: Robot Framework Tutorial – Overview
Part II: Robot Framework – A complete example
Part III: Robot Framework IDE
Part IV: How to Structure a Scalable And Maintainable Acceptance Test Suite
Part V: Robot Framework Tutorial – Writing Keyword Libraries in Java
Part VI: Robot Framework Tutorial – Loops, Conditional Execution and more
Part VII: Robot Framework – Testing Windows Applications
Appendix A: Robot Framework – Compact Sheet

You can download the Robot Framework Compact Sheet by clicking the image below. It gives you a quick overview on major parts of the Robot Framework functionality :-).


Thomas Jaspers

ALE 2014 Unconference Summary

Open Space Software Development at ALE14 Unconference

From 20-22.08.2014 a couple of colleagues and I have been to ALE 2014 unconference. ALE is a conference focusing on Agile Lean practices and is organized via a LinkedIn user group,

On top of a regular schedule, the conference provides Open Space sessions where attendees can suggest their own topics and get together to share their experiences.

What is Open Space Software Development #OSSWDEV?

The idea to hold an Open Space Software Development session during a conference was born in 2012. The idea is to provide a simple infrastructure setup and see what happens when developers and agile people meet and develop a piece of software with limited time and resources. For more details on how everything started check out ALE 2012

What did we prepare and bring along for ALE 2014?

  • We setup  a development and production infrastructure, including source code repository, continuous delivery pipeline and test/staging/production servers using Amazon EC2 instances
  • We prepared a working skeleton of the application that can be used as a starting point (based on previous #OSSWDEV sessions)
  • An initial backlog of user stories to get us started
  • A lot of Enthusiasm

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Marcel Birkner