Taking Baby Steps++

It was at our Munich Softwerkskammer Software Craftsmanship Meetup in early 2013 that we first did a Taking Baby Steps” TDD kata session based on a simple constraint: you have to time-box the phases when you’re in a “red state”, which is indicated by a failing compiler or test. If you can’t make it back to “green” in under two minutes (until your phone timer rings), you have to discard your current changes, revert back to your last green state and try again. Otherwise you’re allowed to commit the green state and continue. The session therefore challenges your ability to split up your steps into much smaller ones than you’re used to.
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David Völkel

Selenium WebDriver for Safari 8

This is just a short note on how to get the Selenium WebDiver installed and running for the browser Safari (ver. 8) under Mac OS 10.10 “Yosemite”. It isn’t that easy to find the solution on the internet.

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Stephan Kepser

Robot Framework – Compact Sheet

Robot Framework Tutorial

Part I: Robot Framework Tutorial – Overview
Part II: Robot Framework – A complete example
Part III: Robot Framework IDE
Part IV: How to Structure a Scalable And Maintainable Acceptance Test Suite
Part V: Robot Framework Tutorial – Writing Keyword Libraries in Java
Part VI: Robot Framework Tutorial – Loops, Conditional Execution and more
Part VII: Robot Framework – Testing Windows Applications
Appendix A: Robot Framework – Compact Sheet

You can download the Robot Framework Compact Sheet by clicking the image below. It gives you a quick overview on major parts of the Robot Framework functionality :-).


Thomas Jaspers