Agile Agile Transformation

No, the title is not a writing error.
Its about agile transformations and attempts that seem to ignore why they want to adopt agile methodologies in the first place. Often its just a linear and priority-controlled processing of agile handbooks instead of selling the real ideas behind it. Most of all they fail to consider the consequences they bear for your organization.

Why not transform an organization into an agile one with an agile mindset and approach?

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Nino Martincevic

Add p2 update functionality to an e(fx)clipse application – Eclipse RCP Cookbook

The Equinox p2 project provides a provisioning infrastructure that can be used to update or install features into an OSGi application.

The previous recipe showed how to add p2 update functionality to an Eclipse 4 application in general. This recipe focuses on how to add an update mechanism to a JavaFX Eclipse 4 application using the e(fx)clipse 2.0.0 Runtime.

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Dirk Fauth

Bounded Contexts and data duplication in action: adding a shop system to the movie database

It seems that ‘Bounded Context’ (from Eric Evans’ Domain Driven Design) has become one of the terms that have to be included in every microservices talk (along ‘Conway’s Law’, of course). And in fact, it’s an important concept, and although not really hard to understand, there are different approaches to implement relations and communication between bounded contexts. In this blog post I describe how I extended my movie-database system with another bounded context for the concept of movies. I added a non-ROCA self-contained system for shop functionality using AngularJS, grunt, bower on the client side and Spring Boot REST with JPA on the server side, and I am using server side includes (SSI) for integrating the navigation bar into the frontend.
This blog post is a follow-up to ‘Self-Contained Systems and ROCA: A complete example using Spring Boot, Thymeleaf and Bootstrap’, so reading that blog post would probably help to understand this one. It explains the theory behind my movie-database system made up of several self-contained systems using technologies like Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Thymeleaf, Bootstrap, jQuery, nginx and Redis. You can find the sources along with installation directions here on Github. As a small reminder, here is the architecture of the original systems:
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Tobias Flohre