Selenium WebDriver for Safari 8

This is just a short note on how to get the Selenium WebDiver installed and running for the browser Safari (ver. 8) under Mac OS 10.10 “Yosemite”. It isn’t that easy to find the solution on the internet.

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Stephan Kepser

Eclipse RCP Cookbook – Basic Recipe

The next months there will be several blog posts related to Eclipse RCP and related technologies. They will be released as part of the Eclipse Cookbook, which is intended to be a collection of recipes that help in getting started with application development based on the Eclipse 4 platform and to get a basic understanding of several additional technologies in combination with the platform.

As we don’t want to start every future blog post with setting up the basics, we start with the basic recipe. In our case this means to setup the recommended project structure and explain the very basics. So the following blog post can also be seen as Getting Started with Eclipse 4 without the typical Hello World approach. Please note that despite the project structure, not every implementation detail in the basic recipe is considered to be best practice. We will add some seasoning and extend the basic recipe in further extended recipes.

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Dirk Fauth

Managing your Database Migrations using Liquibase

Performing database migrations – or we can also call them schema migrations – is an essential task in almost every software project. There could be different reasons why updates to the database are required, some examples are:

  • New features might require new attributes in existing tables or entirely new tables.
  • Bug fixes might lead to changes in names or data types in the database.
  • Performance issues might require additional indexes in the database.

While keeping track of software releases and updates is mostly very well implemented and supported using corresponding tools database migrations are often handled a bit novercal. This means either a lot of manual work is required to update the database in test and customer environments or some self-made tooling is used.

But there are good open source solutions available. Probably best known are Liquibase and Flyway. This article will cover Liquibase. Why? Well, the differences seem to be small and I am using Liquibase recently in a project :-).
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Thomas Jaspers