Agile Testing Days – Automated Integration Testing in Agile Environments

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… by Slobodanka Sersik and Dr. Gerald Schröder

The context of this session is a container management system, which is rather big, speaking about 200 person years effort. The model that was used in order to create the test cases included scenarios, steps, adapters, components, and simulators.

I am skipping much of the content, once because I really typed a lot in the last days, but even more because Sersik and Schröder gave a good overview over how to design and create integration tests with the above model, which was interesting but too much to copy everything here. Slides including comments will be shared, and if possible I will update this blog and include a link.

Key points: both, scenarios and steps can and should be parametrized. Also the adapters have to be parameterized to take care of different configuration that vary from integration test environments amongst themselves or over time. To automate the test execution, starting from 2002, a time when the Robot Framework was not existing yet, and neither was FitNesse (and if it was they didn’t know about it), they created a framework on their own: iValidator was created (in an agile fashion of course). This is pretty much how Robot Framework started out within Nokia 🙂 Maybe it will also be open sourced at some point?


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