Debugging XPath and CSS locators with Selenium IDE

On the robotframework-users mailing list was a question about how radio buttons can be properly handled with the SeleniumLibrary. There was apparently a problem somewhere in the generated xpath expression, and the user found it difficult to debug where things went wrong.

Since I failed to explain to the user in a private e-mail conversation how to debug the situation with the selenium IDE, I made a short screencast. At the end, I had to briefly pause the cast, since I was getting close to the 5:00 restriction, but I hope you’ll catch everything.

You’ll find the Screencast below. There’s a tiny icon in the lower right corner, which lets you switch to fullscreen mode:

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Andreas Ebbert-Karroum

2 Responses to Debugging XPath and CSS locators with Selenium IDE

  1. Scott Smith says:

    Thanks, this was short but helpful. I was hoping that I could use Selenium IDE as an interactive debugging tool and you showed me how to do it.

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