Easy Performance Analysis with AppDynamics Lite


AppDynamics is the rising star in the Application Performance Management sky.

Mirko gives a really good description why AppDynamics delivers the right solutions for todays distributed architectures in his Post “Troubleshoot Java in production – introducing AppDynamics Lite“. If you have not read it yet, head over to it now.

The key promise of AppDynamics is simplicity. Easy installation, easy operation and very fast results. In fact this sounds uncommon and hard to believe. But this is indeed the case, as proven by the following uncut screencasts.

Installation of AppDynamics is fast and easy like pie. In this screencast I will be showing to you how to perform the installation in less than 3 minutes (there is a full screen mode in the lower right corner):

Directly after the installation you can start investigating your performance issues. In the following screencast I show you the basic functionality and a possible workflow for finding the root cause of a slow response (there is a full screen mode in the lower right corner):

AppDynamics Lite is suitable for Development and for Production. It can be installed in almost no time, does not require any complex configuration and delivers valuable results within the first minutes. You can download the free lite edition on appdynamics.com/free.



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