Codecentric Eurovision Song Contest

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Tomorrow, Düsseldorf will host the Eurovision Song Contest and there is literally no way of escaping that topic here. I think it is a great opportunity in Europe to get to know your neighbour countries better and have a lot of fun together.

codecentric grew quite a bit over the last years, the latest offspring is codecentric switzerland, and I just realized that from almost every country that we are active in, the song is in the final — with the sad exception of The Netherlands and their 3JS. For which country are you rooting? And if you don’t live in Europe, do you notive the Eurovision Song Contest at all?

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Dino Merlin – Love In Rewind

Germany: Lena – Taken By A Stranger

Serbia: Nina – Čaroban

Switzerland: Anna Rossinelli – In Love For A While

The Netherlands: 3JS – Never Alone

And the votes of the jury go to …

Here you have the possibility to estimate the songs — yes, I know, it’s not the usual scheme to give points in the ESC 🙂

If you want to, leave a pic in the comments and show for which country you are rooting. Together with a collegue I will watch the show live tomorrow evening and very much look forward to it!


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