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We have more or less successfully obliterated the wall between business and software development using agile methods – at least on a project scale. We are still pulling down the wall between development and operations in the DevOps movement. Although sometimes it doesn’t feel like the walls really are crumbling. They are just replaced by smaller hurdles, but more of them. You know there is something really off, when you see devops departments mushrooming.

The history of breaking down walls between Business and IT, and between Development and Operations

But we have already cast our eyes at the next frontier: The barrage of projects, which make no sense: neither strategically nor with respect to their business case. The projects that never had a chance of funding, but now with a label of “digitization” or “blockchain” everyone gets blinded and throws money at them. They still produce no value, besides “allowing somebody’s vice-presidency level-up to complete

So we decided we need to do something about this. We need to help create better products.

Breaking down the wall to "product development"

Create better products

We want to build products that really push the limit, that really help to steer companies toward digitization. Not because of fear of the upstarts, the FinTechs – but to be at the forefront of the next wave, outpacing the insurgents. To make the world a better place!

We created a working group with some of our brightest minds, and consulted with specialists. We used state-of-the-art tools like a product field:

A "Product Field" for Digital Product Discovery


But then we realized: yes, we could create better products, but they would just be another project trying to get funded in the yearly ritual called budgeting. We would be just one more voice screaming for attention. So we need to improve the signal-to-noise ratio: We need to weed out the competition.

So we pivoted and are now offering

Sign: "Project Killery as a Service"

We will go through your portfolio of possible projects and kill them.

This offer comes with an introductory price of just five percent of what you would have invested in the first year of the killed project. The enterprise version adds a Doom mod, where you can really shoot ’em up.

Pricing scheme for "Killing your projects"


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