codecentric go challenge 2014: Final Interviews

The codecentric go challenge 2014 is over. Franz-Josef Dickhut managed to defeat Crazy Stone, one of the two strongest go programs worldwide, in four games with three wins to one. You can replay and download the games at

Congratulations to Franz-Josef Dickhut for winning the match and thanks a lot to codecentric for the sponsoring!

As just before the start of the match, we let the contenders speak for themselves.

Let’s start with the winner, Franz-Josef Dickhut (FJD) (translated from German by the author):
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Dr. Raymond Georg Snatzke

codecentric go challenge 2014: Interviews with Franz-Josef Dickhut and Rémi Coulom

This Saturday, October 4th, at 4 pm, the first game of the codecentric go challenge 2014 will be started. We will document the finished game – which will be played on the KGS Go Server – at

Before the start of the first game both participants have agreed to an interview. Thanks a lot to both of them! (read more…)

Dr. Raymond Georg Snatzke

Spring Boot Admin

With this blog post I want to show you a small administration tool.


Before showing you the project I want to give you a short explanation of the background. In the beginning of this year we decided to migrate all our batch environment to Spring Boot. This means that, from then on, instead of one big JVM with n batches running on it, we have n  JVMs that can be deployed, started and managed separately. After this migration we were searching for a way to get an overview of all running batch instances. It also would have been great to do administrative tasks on each instance. This could be, i.e. setting log level at runtime. This was the birth of this small admin tool I want to show you in the next sections.

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Thomas Bosch