The Machinery behind Machine Learning – Part 1

Machine Learning is one of the hottest topics on the web. But how do machines learn? And do they learn at all? The answer in most cases is: Machines do not learn, they optimize.

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Stefan Kühn

The CenterDevice Cloud Architecture Revisited

About 2 years ago, I introduced you to the architecture of CenterDevice, and it is now time for an update.

A quick refresher for those who do not want to read that, now outdated, article:
CenterDevice is a startup by codecentric which provides document storage in the cloud. It really shines for documents like invoices, orders, project management, presentations etc. where the powerful search engine finds you, what you are looking for without the need for any manually maintained structures. It provides plenty of means to share documents within or outside your organisation. All documents are encrypted and stored in Germany (if that matters to you).

TL;DR: In November 2014 we released version 2 of our API, relaunched all clients and moved our datacenter (virtually and physically). Some tech changed, some stayed the same. Better continue reading :)
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Fabian Lange

Video: Is My Profiler Telling The Truth?

My talk about profilers and their inner workings from JavaOne is now viewable for free in its entire length on Parleys. Watch it and let me know if you liked it :)

Fabian Lange